The Best Witchy Stores & Bookshops In The USA

I am a huge book lover. If you follow me on Goodreads, you'll see that I read tons of books and love to see what my friends are reading. There is nothing I love more than venturing into a bookstore on a rainy day to pick out a new read. Used bookshops are some of my favorite places in the world, and I especially love one with good, witchy vibes.


I have visited a number of these myself, but some are just on my travel wishlist. I will sort them by state so that you can try to find the one closest to you! I'll continue to update this as I visit more, so feel free to check back later. Here are the best occult, metaphysical, & spiritual bookshops in America.


The Freckled Frog | Little Rock, AR


Psychic Eye Book Shops + Annex | Sherman Oaks, CA

House of Intuition | Los Angeles, CA

The Green Man Store | Los Angeles, CA


Ritualcravt | Denver, Colorado


Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore | Sandy Springs, Georgia

Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical | Atlanta, Georgia


Occult Bookstore | Chicago, Illinois


Hex Old World Witchery | New Orleans, Louisiana

Esoterica Occult Goods | New Orleans, Louisiana


Hex Old World Witchery | Salem, Massachusetts

New York

Enchantments | New York City, New York

Namaste Bookshop | New York City, New York

Catland Books | Brooklyn, New York


Psychic Eye Book Shops | Las Vegas, NV




United Kingdom

Treadwell's | London, England

The Atlantis Bookshop | London, England

The Astrology Shop | London, England

If you have good recommendations in your area, please leave them as a comment on this post!