The Best Local Coffee Shops in the United States


Something that I love to do when I visit a new place is visit a local coffee shop. Almost every town (big or small) has a coffee shop where you can find tasty drinks and a hip setting for your work session or stop through. I recently compiled a list of my favorite witchy stores & bookshops here, and I thought I'd add to the tradition and make a list of the best coffee shops across the country. You can view more of my travel posts here.


Nexus Cafe & Creative | Little Rock


Crave | Studio City

Crossroads Cafe | Joshua Tree


Walker's | Athens

Jittery Joe's | Athens

Hendershots Coffee | Athens


Crave Coffee & Desserts | Tupelo

New York

DTUT | Upper East Side

Ground Central Coffee Company | Financial District

Bluestone Lane | Multiple Locations

Two Hands Cafe | Multiple Locations

Cha Cha Matcha | Lower East Side

Project Cozy | Lower East Side


Leaf + Bean | Oklahoma City


Mozart's Coffee Roasters | Austin


Colectivo Coffee | Milwaukee

If you have good recommendations in your area, please leave them as a comment on this post!