updates for midsummer & july

hi everyone! thank you for returning to my little space on the internet. instead of making a newsletter or something like that i thought i'd do little updates in this space periodically that might help you. i have a few things i'd like to share and i also want to give you some cancer season/midsummer inspiration.

3 tidbits of news

first tidbit is that gabriela and i announced our july #ritualreads book club pick. we will be reading paulo coehlo's the alchemist. i'm super excited for this one. i've heard only good things.

secondly, i will be hosting a workshop here in los angeles on august 5th. we will be doing friendship chart readings and making friendship bracelets! i wanted to create a workshop that you could come to with a friend, and i'm very excited that i'll be hosting the space at spirithouse collective. the event isn't up on the website yet, but check back here for updates. 

third update: i am now writing monthly horoscopes for adolescent. read the july ones here. also, i'm working on a series of astro-themed story templates for thought catalog! check their instagram for all of the deets.

some goals for july

i would like to set a couple of goals for myself for july. i usually do this in my planner but that system hasn't been working for me so i thought i'd lay them out here so i could hold myself accountable.

1. i want to read more. i read so many books last year and i feel like i've been in a huge reading slump this year. i'm excited to read the alchemist, and i also picked up lauren groff's florida and ray bradbury's something wicked this way comes. i'd like to finish both of those this month! 

2. i want to discover some new music and plan out decor for my new apartment! i am moving into a more permanent place this month and am so so excited to decorate and plan. i have been pinning like crazy on pinterest and am really leaning into a new england, vintage, cozy theme. can't wait to ruin my concept when i buy all of my furniture at ikea though LOL. i have always been very inspired by donna tartt's the secret history and i can't wait to bring the beautiful aesthetic of that story to life in my bedroom. (ps: there are fun pins coming soon to my shop that have to do with that novel.)

3. i want to throw a few spontaneous parties. i was inspired by felix and marzia's midsummer party video where they threw a little get together for just themselves. i feel like i never think about throwing a little shindig for just one or two people. for some reason i get it in my head that I need to have a ton of people in order to throw a celebration. i want to get rid of that mindset this month.

for you

here is my playlist that i update monthly

here are some july horoscopes for you