how to switch up your decor for fall

If you couldn’t tell already, fall is my most favorite season of the year. Once September hits, I enter fall mode full force and start nesting for the cozy months to come. I thought I’d share some of my fall decor with you. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here for your own home!

Top right: Some of my favorite items showcased on the wall above my bed. I tend to save all of the curiosities and interesting items I come across to display in my home and a few of those items can be seen here. One of my favorites is the embroidered halloween plaque! I actually picked that one up at TJ Maxx. I switch up my pillows in the fall because I find that it really can refresh your space! I went for black and white plaid and orange velvet pillows this year!

Top middle: Our refrigerator! I love to put things on my fridge - I feel like it really makes a space feel like home. I change up the photos and cards on the fridge each season! I love collecting funny and cute magnets as well. Call me old fashioned, but I just love them!

Top right: Close up of our bar cart. Having warm, hearty alcohols out really makes a space feel cozy and warm. You can always find a selection of whiskies in our home. It’s our drink of choice. The vinyl record behind our bottles was found at Goodwill.

Bottom left: The wall above our oven. One of my favorite things about our apartment is the white oven. I feel like it’s so light and fun and it really brightens up our space. We change up our wall decor pretty regularly, but for fall we like to keep things very natural. I have hung a few sprigs of dried Baby’s Breath on our wall as well as a pennant, a wreath, and a wicker placemat. Our spice rack is from Goodwill.

Bottom middle: Little larger view of our bar cart. We’ve added a cute little pumpkin to the bottom shelf to make things a bit more festive.

Bottom right: Our little altar for Mabon. We created this altar at the beginning of the season to reflect our intentions for the coming months. You can find herbs, spices, incense, candles, leaves, and a wreath on the altar. We’ve also placed wheat, cinnamon, and a few plants. This altar will evolve and change for every season, so you can fill it with your favorite items for each time of year!

How do you change up your space for fall? We like to pick out pumpkins, make lots and lots of hot chocolate, and watch fall movies nonstop.