Something I love more than anything in the world is a road trip. There’s just something about hopping into the car, snacks and cameras in tow, and adventuring out to a new place.


Every year (so I hear) the city of Lake Elsinore, California experiences a gorgeous bloom of bright orange poppies. I saw the poppy fields pop up on my Instagram feed about a week ago and knew we absolutely had to go. I grabbed some of my best pals (Lara & Michael - who runs the fab LA-based food blog, MAP of LA) and we hit the road at 6AM on a Sunday to experience one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

lake elsinore.png

The fields are about an hour and a half south of Los Angeles, and they’re just spectacular.

This year, there were some huge crowds, so we were careful to stay on the paths and not damage any of the wildlife.

poppies again.png

Lara and I have been working on summoning summer for weeks now, and this was the first warm day we’ve had. It was amazing to be able to spend it in the sun, and amongst nature. Gotta enjoy this planet while we’ve still got it, am I right?