Fall Style Essentials

The air is crisp and the leaves have fallen. It's fall in New York City and you better believe I have "Autumn in New York" on repeat. There are a few pieces I've been reaching for over and over again so I thought I'd share my current rotation. Spoiler alert: lots of yellow, denim, and stars on my radar.


I've been obsessing over my new pair of mom jeans all month. They're the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn and I can't believe I wasn't a convert to the mom jean sooner. I found mine on ASOS, and I find that they're one of the best places to order jeans online. They offer a variety of sizes, cuts, and lengths and I really enjoy the fit of their denim.


My leather jacket has also been making frequent appearances in my fall outfits. I picked this one up from Target a couple of years ago but affordable leather jackets are everywhere these days. They're the perfect jacket for a chilly night out.


Speaking of my leather jacket, I've been obsessed with adding lapel pins to mine. There are so many amazing pins available online. I've found some of my favorites on Etsy, including the amazing Steve Harrington pin below. Pins are a fun & affordable way to customize your jackets, backpacks, and totes. I love any form of accessorizing that allows me to showcase my interests on my body. #Taurus


Lately I've also been reaching for preppier pieces. Brands like L.L.Bean and REI have been making great outdoor gear for years. Their classic cotton tees are some of my favorite things they sell. They are generally pretty easy to find at thrift shops, too! With cotton tees, more worn-in, the better.


In terms of accessories, I've been loving anything with stars. My favorite necklace right now is this choker from Brandy Melville. Their necklaces are foolishly small, so I extended the length using a couple of additional rings, but I love the look of it. It's a super dainty piece, but it's also a little edgy as well. 


As you may be able to tell from the sweater above, I'm going through a yellow phase. Very Picasso of me. As someone who has been wearing black and gray for the majority of their 20s, yellow is a bold move. I find that it really does brighten up my day! When that seasonal affective disorder starts to kick in, we need all the help we can get. My favorite yellow sweater is this cozy Zara number. Nails are OPI My Twin Mimmy.