People I Have Interviewed



Laci Green for NYLON

Charlie McDonnell for NYLON

Connor Franta for NYLON

Gaby Dunn for HelloGiggles

Allison Raskin for HelloGiggles

Will Darbyshire for NYLON

Charly Cox for NYLON

Kurtis Conner for High Voltage

Gabriela Herstik for i-D

Melissa Broder for NYLON

Tom Leveille for NYLON



K. Flay for Vinyl Mag

Dylan Owen for Shiny People Zine

Stokeswood for Vinyl Mag

Wieuca for Vinyl Mag

Concord America for ThisSoundGoesAround

Party Dolls for Vinyl Mag



John Langdon for The Inkport

Cade Roach for Shiny People Zine

Azzah Sultan for Shiny People Zine

Thamara Jean for Shiny People Zine

Amelia Vivash for High Voltage