Advanced Astrological Chart Reading


Advanced Astrological Chart Reading


Many of us know about our sun signs already. This is the sign that corresponds to our birth date. But the sun is not the only celestial body that is in the universe at the time of our birth. The moon's placement and the placements of the other planets and bodies in our solar system all help to create the bigger picture of who we are. The advanced reading looks at your sun, moon, & rising signs, as well as your Mercury, Venus, and Mars placements. Readings will be delivered one to two weeks from purchase date.

I will send you around four paragraphs of analysis. Please let me know in the order form if there is something specific you'd like me to focus on (love, career, etc.)

Chart readings will be delivered via email. Please check your spam!

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"That was so enlightening, thanks girl! There wasn't one thing in my reading that I didn't relate to, it was very eye opening and nice to see connections made between different parts of my personality and life. 10/10 would recommend!" - Hannah B.

"The analysis of sun/moon/rising rings so true to how I am and how people see me.  I love to be organized and find so much comfort in feeling secure and comfortable. And the additional analysis of Mercury / Venus / Mars added so much insight, too.  Especially about communication being emotionally driven, that is 100% so true. And it's really useful to hear your insights on a career path- I'm currently in a legal department at a studio and I'm not sure is the best use of my gifts.  So this was a great affirmation of what I *feel* my calling may be!" - Ashley C. 

"Thank you so much for my detailed reading! You really opened me up to some of the aspects of my chart that I was less familiar with, and you gave me a different perspective on characteristics of my sun sign. Very well done!" - Kristie C.

"I've had my chart read before and found it really stressful because of the amount of information to process! But I really liked the clarity and sweetness of your writing and didn't feel overwhelmed by information at all.  Thank you for such a concise and kind reading!" - Hannah Z.

"Thank you, Miranda! I really was looking forward to this and you didn’t disappoint! As someone who is on the fence about astrology readings, this was very scarily accurate. I enjoyed reading it and it’s helped me reflect on myself, my actions, how others perceive me, and how I perceive myself. It was great! - Brianna