Basic Astrological Chart Reading


Basic Astrological Chart Reading


Many of us know about our sun signs already. This is the sign that corresponds to our birth date. But the sun is not the only celestial body that is in the universe at the time of our birth. The moon's placement, as well as the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at our birth both help to create the bigger picture of who we are. In the basic reading, I will help you to navigate and understand your sun, moon, & rising signs. Readings will be delivered one to two weeks from purchase date.

I will send you around two paragraphs of analysis. Please let me know in the order form if there is something specific you'd like me to focus on (love, career, etc.)

Chart readings will be delivered via email. Please check your spam!

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"I’m new to astrology and this information is super helpful and very accurate. The way you laid out and explained the information was accessible and concise. I would definitely recommend your work to others." - Jessica D.

"Thank you so much for the reading, honestly it was so accurate and I feel like I could really relate to everything you said, and some of the things you actually told me also answered some of my questions. Thank you so much, I hope you never stop doing what you do. Definitely recommending you to family members that are also interested." - Arielle B.

"I honestly have never gotten such an in-depth reading about all of my signs. I am a total astrological junkie and this was so amazing. You can really tell that you went into detail and paid attention. I loved reading it! Thank you so much again – you’re my favorite Internet person. " - Amy O.

"Thank you so much for my chart! I keep rereading it. It was so interesting and insightful. You made it very relatable and easy to understand. I’m telling all my friends and family to check it out." - Jessica P.

"Girl, thank you so much. This was very insightful. Everything you explained was very easy to understand and it all resonated so much. I will definitely take what you have said about trying to balance my signs to heart." -Emilie H.