Creating and elevating the social presence of brands, individuals, and events.



What is it that makes your brand special? Together we will discover your particular brand of magic and amplify it to your ideal audience. I’ll create content, manage your community, and respond to trends in that special way only you can.



People are drawn to that which they do not understand or know. By harnessing the mystery and enigma of your brand, we can keep old fans interested, and draw new fans in. Social audiences are smarter than you’d think, and sometimes less can be more.



Is your goal bookings, sales, attendees, or followers? We will discover your call to arms and enchant your audience. After all, we only receive that which we ask from the universe. Through social listening and a bit of intuition, we’ll call your fans to action.

Note: I am accepting clients on a limited basis. I prefer to work with clients and brands in the spiritual, mystical, or occult space, but am open to inquiries from all, whatever your flavor!

Current & former client roster: Oddities Flea Market, Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag, Pratt Daddy Crystals, Gabriela Herstik, & private clients for Digital Media Management.