Internet Culture

If you are reading this, you probably found my website through social media. More than ever before, influencers, musicians, and celebrities use their platforms to communicate with audiences across the world. I write about the creators young people care about the most, and the various online communities teens and young adults form across the web.


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Astrology is something that has always helped me to understand myself and others. My humorous and lighthearted approach to the zodiac aims to help young people find and harness their inner power. Whether I'm writing horoscopes, advice columns, or sign-based survival guides, my astrology content is designed to make people feel better about themselves and the world. 


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Copywriting & Editing

With the rise in importance of social media and advertising comes the age of incriminating typos. To make sure your brand doesn't face a bio blunder or media mishap, I'll apply the skills learned in my English courses and my over ten years of internet experience to your unique brand or company. 


Teens have catapulted the careers of musicians for decades. From the Beatles to One Direction to Shawn Mendes, we can agree that teens and young adults have the power to make or break careers. From interviews to features to album reviews, I love shining a light on the ever-changing roster of music artists that get us all through the day. 


Friday Playlist: Turn to Face the Strange

Personal Essays

We are all many things. I am a daughter, a sister, a Latina, the child of a single mother, a plus-sized woman, and so much more. I love to share my personal stories so that young people can realize that they are never alone. The power of empathy is huge and I love writing essays that foster and encourage community and self-love.  


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Content Creation

If you're looking for someone to do the social media stuff for you, I'm happy to step in. I've created unique native content for brands with over 440k followers and companies with thousands of loyal customers.

Politics  & Activism

From feminism to immigration to LGBTQ+ activism, young people are leading the movements that actively shape the world around us. I love adding to the political conversation through opinion pieces, interviews, and educational content. Teens are more politically aware than ever, and the stories they read have the power to shape them for years to come. 


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Where Are the Women in U.S. Government?


Over the years, I've had the opportunity to interview a wide variety of people. From musicians to comedians to writers to influencers, there is always something audiences can learn from others. I specialize in interview and feature writing across disciplines and love asking questions. 


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Social Strategy

I've been doing this internet thing for a while. I have learned and grown over my ten years of internet presence and at twenty-four years old I know more than my fair share about the online world. If you are looking for advice, feedback, criticism, or strategy for your business, drop me a line. I consult at an hourly rate on topics like social media, marketing, advertising, website building, content, video, and astrology.