Here's what people have to say about my astrology work.

"So enlightening."

That was so enlightening, thanks girl! There wasn't one thing in my reading that I didn't relate to, it was very eye opening and nice to see connections made between different parts of my personality and life. 10/10 would recommend!" 

— H.B.


"Very well done!"

Thank you so much for my detailed reading! You really opened me up to some of the aspects of my chart that I was less familiar with, and you gave me a different perspective on characteristics of my sun sign. Very well done!

— K.C.


"You didn't disappoint."

Thank you, Miranda! I really was looking forward to this and you didn’t disappoint! As someone who is on the fence about astrology readings, this was very scarily accurate. I enjoyed reading it and it’s helped me reflect on myself, my actions, how others perceive me, and how I perceive myself. It was great! 

— B.R.

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"Honestly it was so accurate."

Thank you so much for the reading, honestly it was so accurate and I feel like I could really relate to everything you said, and some of the things you actually told me also answered some of my questions. Thank you so much, I hope you never stop doing what you do. Definitely recommending you to family members that are also interested." 

— A.B.


“This was so amazing.”

I honestly have never gotten such an in-depth reading about all of my signs. I am a total astrological junkie and this was so amazing. You can really tell that you went into detail and paid attention. I loved reading it! Thank you so much again – you’re my favorite Internet person. 

— A.O.


"Accessible and concise."

I’m new to astrology and this information is super helpful and very accurate. The way you laid out and explained the information was accessible and concise. I would definitely recommend your work to others.

— J.D.