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Iโ€™m Miranda Feneberger.๐Ÿ‘‹ I love astrology, making things happen, aura photographs, and a good 4-hour brainstorm sesh.


Letโ€™s work on that creative project youโ€™ve been meaning to start.

As a young person who has grown up online, Iโ€™ve attempted an absurd number of digital creative projects. I totally understand that feeling of building your momentum up only to have your project fall flat just a couple weeks (or even days) later.

I started consulting friends on their creative pursuits: websites, social accounts, YouTube channels, and e-commerce businesses a few years ago and realized that it was something I was actually pretty good at. Since then, Iโ€™ve worked with a variety of brands to revamp their social content for a millennial audience, and Iโ€™ve had the pleasure of watching my personal accounts grow and prosper, too! Whether your goal is to start a business, or just build an outlet for your art, Iโ€™ve got you covered.

Letโ€™s finally do it. You owe it to yourself to give it a real shot.


Full-Service Creative Consulting

Past and current clients include Pratt Daddy Crystals by Spencer Pratt, LadyGang on E!, Thought Catalog, MAP of LA, Gabriela Herstik, Rookie Mag, HelloGiggles, Adolescent Content, and more.


Social Media

Taking content from bland to on-brand.

  • Content creation, production, & design

  • Content ideation & social strategy

  • Editorial calendar management

  • Platform optimization

  • Video editing

  • Adobe Suite basics

  • Photo editing basics

  • Tips and tricks for managing eye-catching socials

Website or Blog

Digital spaces that really say something.

  • Redesigning or rebuilding sites

  • Squarespace training

  • Wordpress training

  • Logo design

  • Blog creation

  • Wedding sites

  • Digital magazines

  • Teaching you how to make your digital space pop


Making your killer ideas happen.

  • Existential crisis-based career shifts

  • Art & performance projects

  • Music & artist branding

  • Starting a new e-commerce brand

  • Social account ideation

  • LinkedIn & Resume design

  • Helping you connect the dots

  • Taking a big idea and turning it into a plan


โ–ณ THE CULT โ–ณ

Mirandaโ€™s Meme Cult is a cult oโ€™ astrology memes 50,000 strong led by yours truly. Join the cult.